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Ayurvedic yoga massage is developed by KUSUM MODAK
, Who works and lives in Pune India.

 This body work is unique combination of deep tissue massage, in combination of yoga stretches and  coordinated breathing. We use a natural oil in combination with a herbal powder.

The herbal powder is to take of the toxins from the body.

The deep tissue massage warms and relaxes the muscles,dissolving physical tension.

The assisted stretches and breating realign the body and stimulate the natural flow of energy.

Ayurvedic yoga massage will help dissolve physical and emotional blocks, eliminate toxins from the body.

 Promote correct posture, improve the respiratory system, blood circulation.

And leave you with a deep sense of well being , relaxation and harmony.

 The Benefits of Ayurvedic yoga massage:                                                                                                      

Releases stress and tension.

Induces deep sence of relaxation.

Opens up the body increasing the flexibility of joints and muscles.

Deepens stretches and increases flexibility in yoga and other body work out practices.

Realigns the body,promoting correct posture.

Improves circulation.

Elimanates toxins from the body.

Increases and harmonizes the flow of vital energy.

Increazes the flow of blood in the body.

The Technique:

Both hands and feet are used in the ayurvedic yoga massage dependent the recepient.

Deep massage technique is used to warm the body and relieve tension.

After warming the body stretches are combined according the condition and necessity of the client.

The herbal powder and oils:

The herbal powder what is used in the ayurvedic yoga massage is vacant powder or calamus, known for its detoxifing properties that purify the blood and organs.

It's anti septic, anti- inflammatory helping to bring out the deep seated toxins from lymph and muscles.

This combined with a deep boost to the circulatory systems, rapidly speeds up the detoxification process and makes Ayurvedic Yoga Massage the perfect complement to any cleanse/ detox or fast.

Cold pressed sesame oil can be used for Ayurvedic Yoga Massage chosen for it's Ayurvedic balancing.